Schools Forum

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The Schools Forum is a formal advisory and decision making body on matters relating to school funding.

It consists of school and academy representatives, headteachers, governors, non-school members, 14-19 partnership, early years private, voluntary/independent sector providers, diocese and union representatives.

The forum meets at least four times a year and is open to the public.

It provides a means of communication between local authorities and schools on funding matters affecting schools. It must be consulted on any changes to the formula used to fund schools, and the financial effects of any proposed changes. Finally, it is consulted annually on financial issues relating to:

  • administration of the allocation of central government grants paid to schools via the local authority
  • pupils with special educational needs, in particular the places commissioned by the local authority and schools and the arrangements for top-up funding
  • use of pupil referral units and education of children otherwise at school
  • early years provision
  • contracts for provision of services to funded from school budgets.

Constitution, function and membership


Schools Forum Meetings 2019/20

Meeting dates for 2019/20:

26 June 2019
16th October 2019
4th December 2019
15th January 2020

Click the link below to access papers for this year's meetings.