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Newcastle Youth Council (NYC) was launched in 2010 as an independent voice for 11-18 year olds who live, learn, or work in the City.  In October 2014 NYC came into Newcastle City Council and has since been supported by the Communities Team.  The current Youth Councillors were elected in January 2017. 

  • In brief the Youth Council;
  • Is made up of young people aged between 11 – 18 years of age. 
  • Has 22 places and Youth Councillors remain in post for a period of 2 years.   
  • Is issue based addressing local, regionally and nationally priorities. 
  • And is not a political organisation.

Newcastle Youth Council Elections 2019

We are pleased to inform you that elections for Newcastle Youth Council will take place in February 2019.

We can confirm that
  • Newcastle Youth Council is open to any young person aged 11 – 17 who either lives, studies or works within the boundaries of Newcastle City Council.
  • There are 18 seats for young people who fit the above criteria.
  • Our election day will take place across voting venues and online on Thursday 7th February 2019.
  • The vote count and announcement event will take place on Friday 8th February 2019.

During the last elections (2016) we adopted a fairer election process to prevent larger schools dominating the results. This change was in response to young people who felt they were disadvantaged if they attended in small youth activity or smaller school. Schools can support/encourage as many students as possible from their school to stand for election. This supports a healthy and diverse election process.

The following rules will be applied during the count of votes.
  • A maximum of two seats (out of the 18) will be available to each school or youth project. This means that no matter how many candidates you put forward, initially only the two candidates with the most number of votes will be guaranteed a seat.
  • There is no minimum guarantees, so schools and youth projects could still end up with no seats.
  • Candidates who do not secure a seat on the Youth Council will be invited to participate in activities with the Newcastle Youth Council in a champions role.

Newcastle Youth Council works hard to produce a solid foundation which boasts a more positive attitude towards young people to increase their participation in society. We would really welcome the support and commitment of every school in the city to ensure a greater representation from young people of all backgrounds.

This prestigious opportunity for students has a learning-related enrichment focus, which will contribute to their personal development and build their confidence. Successful students will be part of a group of young people who will shape the future direction of Newcastle and the UNICEF Child Friendly Cities agenda, something that cannot credibly be done without their involvement. The experience will add value to their University applications and contribute to their CV or learning journey.

We really need your help to encourage your school to be represented during the elections. Being actively involved and engaged will ensure that your students can have a voice in a recognised election process supporting students to expand their interests beyond the school environment.

How can you help?
  • We need your school to firstly register as a voting centre.
  • Secondly encourage as many students as possible to stand for election.
Next steps
1. Provide us with an appropriate named contact in your school. (Someone responsible for either student voice, PHSE, Citizenship or similar who can champion this work and take it forward in your school).
2. Your school to register as a voting centre. This will enable students to place their vote either electronically using survey monkey or in a traditional manner of the paper ballot.
3. Support students from your school to become a Youth Councillor. By applying to become a youth councillor your school will be represented in wider discussions and influencing forums. Closing date for students to register 11th January 2019.



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